How to add a member ?

Within the Business Dashboard, the administrator holds the authority to send invitations to new members through the dedicated ‘Members & Teams’ section. Upon acceptance of the invitation, the recipient will be prompted to create their own personal profile on ‘MiniCabRide for Business’.

in Account you can see there two option :

Active : Once the member has completed the sign-up process, they gain the ability to make their own bookings or alternatively, allow an admin to make a booking on their behalf.

Invite Sent : An invitation has been extended to the member; however, there has been no confirmation of their registration.

To extend an invitation to a team member, navigate to the “Members & Teams” tab and select “Add Members.” Provide the requisite information for the new member. It’s important to ensure that the email address supplied for each member is distinct. Once entered, click “add member” and an invitation email will be dispatched. The new member will then be able to create a unique password and account after following the link. Upon completion, their status will switch to “Active” in the administrator’s dashboard.