My Driver is Late

If your MiniCabRide driver is running late, we take punctuality seriously and strive to provide the best service possible. Our team of professional drivers understands the importance of being on time and ensuring a smooth journey for our passengers. While delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or weather conditions, we always aim to reach your pick-up location at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

To maintain open lines of communication, we provide you with the driver’s contact information via SMS after your booking. This way, you can easily get in touch with them if you have any concerns or need to provide additional instructions. You can also contact us directly via our chat System and call +44 207 005 0090, or Email through the Website believe that clear and prompt communication is key to delivering a reliable and efficient service, and our drivers are always ready to assist you in any way they can. At MiniCabRide, we prioritize your convenience and strive to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.