Student Discount up to 15%

Students are now in luck when booking a cab with MinICabRide. To support the student community, MiNICabRide is offering a special discount of 15% on all cab fares exclusively for students. We understand that being a student can be academically and financially challenging, and any opportunity to save money is greatly appreciated. With the rising costs of education and the burden of student debt, this discount aims to alleviate some of the financial pressure that students face daily. Whether it’s commuting to and from campus, attending social events, or simply exploring the city, MiNICabRide is committed to making transportation more affordable for students. You can Get Month Student Discount & Coupons on Our Social media Channels, MiniCabRide Facebook, MiniCabRide Instagram, Please like and Subscribe us For More Discount & Deals.

If you’re a student who frequently depends on taxi services, taking advantage of this 15% discount could lead to substantial savings. We recognize that numerous individuals will begin their university journey this upcoming September. Many will be embarking on lengthy journeys to reach their new residences, likely accompanied by considerable amounts of luggage. This presents an excellent chance for you to reduce your travel expenses.