What happens if I am late or unable to meet the driver?

According to the rules outlined in our Terms & Conditions, the driver assigned to your service must wait at the designated pickup location for up to 15 minutes without any additional cost to you. If you’re running a bit late, the driver will patiently wait for you during this 15-minute window before any charges apply.

1-Flight Delays: The Company understands that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes lead to delays or difficulties in meeting the driver for a scheduled pickup. To accommodate such situations, the Company provides a complimentary waiting time of 30 minutes for all pickups from airports and cruise ports, starting from the landing or arrival time or docking time. During this free waiting period, the vehicle and driver will patiently wait for the passenger to arrive and ensure a smooth transition to the destination.

However, it is essential to note that additional waiting time beyond 30 minutes will incur a charge of £0.40 per mile. This additional charge is necessary to compensate the driver for their time and to cover any inconvenience caused by extended waiting periods. Passengers should try to arrive within the allotted waiting time to avoid incurring additional charges.

2-  the Company offers a generous 10 minutes of free waiting time for all pickups from home, hotel, offices, railway, or bus stations. This allows passengers some flexibility in case of unexpected delays. However, it is important to note that any waiting time beyond the initial 10 minutes will be subject to additional charges. The Company charges £0.40 per minute for any further waiting time of the vehicle and driver. In order to ensure a smooth and efficient service for all passengers, this charge is applied to compensate for the driver’s time and the vehicle’s use during the extended waiting period. The minimum charge for any additional waiting time is £5, ensuring that even short delays are accounted for.

.3- If you experience a delay or cannot reach the designated pickup location at the scheduled time, it is highly advisable that you get in touch with your assigned driver. You can find their contact phone number(s) in the confirmation email and text message you received when making the booking. or you can Directly Contact us Via our chat System and call +44 207 005 0090, or Email info@minicabride.com through the Website https://minicabride.com/