Changing My Booking Details

If you require minor changes, such as altering the booking’s date or time, kindly refer to the following step-by-step instructions:
1- Click on the Link and Login and, Select “EDIT PICKUP DATE/TIME” and select the new date/time, then click “Check Availability” and Save it , You can Change Booking details Before 2 Days of the Journey.
Alternatively, you can also request to change this information from the following –

  • by submitting a request through the ‘Contact Us’ form.
  • via ‘Live-chat’ on our website
  • by email at

We require your Booking Reference Number and the modifications you’d like to make to assist you in making changes. This will help us assess whether we can process your requested amendments or if it’s necessary to proceed with a new booking.
For any other modifications like changing the address, adjusting the number of passengers, or altering luggage details, you might need to cancel your existing booking and make a new one. This is necessary because:

  • The price estimate will change if you change the pickup or dropoff address, passenger number or change Vehicle.
  • if you add additional passengers or luggage, you would require a different-sized vehicle than the one initially allocated.